Bane - or wolf's bane is a depressant used by werewolves. It's not illegal because it only affects werewolves and is useful for werewolves to control their rages.

Biodrugs - used to refer to illegal biological drugs, typically genetic engineering in nature. They have been illegal since the Turn.

Blood sugared - to be affected by a pheromone released by satiated vampires, usually requiring a large group of vampires who all receive a sympathetic reaction. It causes an opiate-like high.

Brimstone - an illegal drug which increases the metabolism of the imbiber. It is often used by vampire victims and shadows to help them regenerate blood.

Canicula - Latin, literally "little dog." Agaliarept contextually uses it like "bitch" or "meddlesome fool."

Ever-after - the origin plane of all Inderlanders. It's the source of magic within the world.

Gnomon - The elder vampire half of a gnomon-scion relationship.

Hereafter - The realm of the dead, spirits, and souls.

Inderlander - Any sentient creature whose species originated in the Ever After, or whose species originated as a result of the action of a species from the Ever After (ex Weres & Undead Vampires were created by a Demon Curse).

Ley line - An intersection of reality with the ever-after. From it, all witches draw their power though in a variety of methods.

MPL - Mixed Population License; if an establishment wishes to entertain and serve Inderlanders & Humans under the same roof they must obtain an MPL. Any violence can cause the establishment to lose it's MPL, and they are notoriously hard to hang on to.

Runner - Similar to a bounty hunter, Runners will do anything from find a lost cat to planning an extensive heist to steal back a stolen item or tracking, or confronting and taking into custody a dangerous fugitive. They are typically trained in armed and unarmed combat.

Sa'han - An elven word that can mean master, teacher, protector, or one who is responsible for another person.

Shunned, Shunning - When a witch is found to have used black magic extensively, they community refuses to interact with them. They are refused service in every place witches own or frequent and often end up penniless as nobody will employ them.

Turn, the - A historical event when humans were killed by a virus and Inderlanders approached the same numbers.

Scion - A person entrusted and empowered to be a vampire's living representation of will. They handle daytime tasks a vampire could not perform himself in exchange for a portion of the vampire's power.

Shadow - In reference to vampires, one who voluntarily gives blood to a vampire. The shadow is bonded and exclusive to one vampire.