In this short story, Ivy is still living with Kisten Felps in Pizza Piscary's. She has been working at the I.S. for a while, however she cannot seem to get the promotion she desperately wants no matter how hard she works, because her boss, Art, is an undead vampire who wants to drink her blood. The situation comes to a head when Art prevents her with a review of her work, which will ensure that she never gets out of her low rank job. Now Art does not just want to drink from her, he also wants to sleep with her. Distressed, Ivy accidently contaminates the murder scene of a recently married female witch with her fear of Art. While repremanding herself for letting her emotions get to her, she finds a banshee tear (a device banshees use to absorb emotional energy to devour later). When Ivy investigates the owner by contacting the local banshee representative (Mia Harbor) of the banshee tear, she finds out that the banshee who the tear belongs to is long dead, killed by Mia when she became to greedy for emotion. The tear itself is inactive (which is why the fear in the room is so strong) and came from an evidence locker, one that Art has access to. After some additional digging, Ivy learns that Art has severe money troubles and has made a deal with the witch's husband to receive part of the insurance money once the husband is cleared of suspicion. With Kisten's help, Ivy sets up a date with Art during the day in Art's home, and purchases witch charms to make her look like the corpse of one of Piscary's recent victims (a young woman who had not signed a waiver to formally consent to being bitten) and a sleep amulet. She then shows up for the date, removes the illusion charm once inside, and seduces Art before tricking him into touching the sleep amulet. While he is sleeping, Ivy & Kisten set up a scene with the dead woman's corpse so that it appears Art has killed her. After the successful frame, Ivy is free of her horrible boss but is busted down to runner and is assigned to Rachel (her new witch partner) for the first time.

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