In this short story, Rachel is only 18 years old and still recovering from the effects of Rosewood syndrome. Her brother Robbie is trying to force her to leave for the West Coast with him to attend school, but Rachel has her heart set on joining the I.S. Robbie makes a deal with Rachel - if she can cook up a powerful spell to summon their father from the afterlife (which no novice or mediocre talent could do) then he will let her join the I.S. Rachel & Robbie attend the Solistace celebration where they tap into the collective power, and using a potion Rachel brewed including scrapings off of their father's watch, Rachel does succeed in summoning a spirit - but not her father, who has already moved on. Pierce the former coven appears instead, informing them that he has been in purgatory and that he needs to redeem himself in order to move on. They find out a young girl has gone missing, and Pierce remembers that before he died he had been trying to kill an undead pedophile vampire who was known for stealing young girls. Rachel helps Pierce track down where the undead is while Robbie goes to the I.S. for help, only to get locked up (the I.S. thinks it is a prank). Pierce discovers that he can channel ley line energy through Rachel, and they find Rachel's father's old ley line magic supplies then go to the vampire's home together to confront him. After an intense struggle the vampire has beaten Pierce and is about to kill Rachel when she throws a circle amulet at the vampire, trapping him inside just as the I.S. show up with her mother, Alice (who has been ranting at them and continues to berate them for some time afterwards for refusing to believe her children). This incident insures a place for Rachel in the I.S., which Robbie very reluctantly goes along with. Pierce disappears afterward, and is believed to be at peace until later in the Hollows series.

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