Alternatively called both "The Men Who Don't Belong" and "The Men in Black" by Rachel & company, these men are part of a shadowy organization that police both Inderlanders & Humans without their knowledge, apparently invincible and seemingly having intelligence agents everywhere. Their equipment far outclasses the FIB and I.S.

In A Perfect Blood, The Men Who Don't Belong drug Rachel, Trent, and Mark (from Junior's coffee) to make them forget their takedown of Eloy & the Dr. Cordova (of HAPA) using old fashioned drugs instead of memory charms (however they do not realize that Rachel has a demon curse to counteract it and Trent has the antidote, so they both survive the encounter with their memories intact) so they can take the two HAPA members to their secret prison. They claim to be able to imprison anyone, and have something that can absorb ley line energy to disrupt magic.