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The Hollows series Edit

The series of books, authored by Kim Harrison, consists of 13 mystery novels, 8 short stories, and 2 graphic novels. It primarily focuses on a witch, Rachel Morgan, who finds herself facing unimaginable foes from every species, human and Inderlanders, with the help of her friends and business partners, Ivy Tamwood and Jenks.

The series' setting takes place in a very similar future, but with an alternate history and fantasy elements. In the 1960s, the scientific community pooled all of their resources and cracked the genetic code. So, biological weapons replaced the space race until the tragedy of the Turn. This altering moment (or turning point) in history shifted the balance of power between Humans and the Inderlanders when they exposed themselves to humanity to save them from extinction. After approximately 40 years, Humans and Inderlanders are living together in society, but tensions exist between the races (even between Inderlander races). The series explores these differences and the many conflicts that arise from them.

This wiki is to provide fans with a useful guide and tool to better understand the series and its complicated world without disclosing spoilers. It may be a very similar setting, in a modern and strongly scientific-led society, but the inner workings of the different cultural, religious, and political views between the different Inderlander species can be confusing.

About the author[1] Edit

Kim Harrison (a pen-name of American author Dawn Cook) is best-known for the Hollows series, urban fantasy novels, short stories, and graphic novels. A #1 New York Best Seller list, she is recognized as one of the most successful and influential creators of urban fantasy.

Most recently, she is has writting the Peri Reed chronicles and in the process of releasing Hollows prequel novels, the Turn Novels.

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