The Ever AfterEdit

The Ever After is the fairytale plane where magic originates. It is connected to the mortal realm by means of the ley lines, from which all magic in the mortal realm draws power.

"The ever-after is like a drop of time that got knocked out, sitting alone by itself with no past behind it to push it forward and no future to pull it along. It’s hanging to us by the ley lines, sort of. Your circles aren’t made up of differing realities, they’re made up of the stretchy stuff that’s holding us and the ever-after together, keeping the ever-after from vanishing like it should." - Jenks, The Outlaw Demon Wails

The Demonic ContributionEdit

According to Algaliarept, the Ever After was severed from reality when the Demons attempted to imprison the Elves there for all eternity. However, the Demons made a mistake when they separated it and when they ejected themselves from it, they created the ley lines all magical creatures use to draw power from the Ever After. When the sun rose the day the demons cut the Ever After off, they were drawn back through the ley lines into the Ever After, doomed to stay there until summoned. The Elves and witches later learned to travel the ley lines and return to reality, and because they did not severe it from reality they are able to go back and forth as they please, though ley line travel ability seems to have been lost to time, and now only demons and gargoyles seem to possess the knowledge of how to accomplish it.

In Pale Demon, while Rachel battles Ku'Sox from within a ley line, she realizes that the only demons who survived the seperation of the Ever After from Reality were those that could attune their aura to another person, in other words, those who loved others were able to return to the Ever After whole, rather than being destroyed within the ley line.