In this short story, Rachel & Kisten are having a pleasant meal together on a bridge in the park when Kisten receives an urgent phone call from his sister Chrissie. Six years before, Chrissie had had a fling with a vampire named Sean, who she later found out was married. Chrissie walked away from the relationship pregnant and Sean had no interest in the child until his wife died. Now Sean is trying to kidnap Audric (Chrissie's son) and present him as a gift to his master vampire. Chrissie is desperate to keep Audric away from Sean, however with Piscary in jail Sean thinks he can invade Piscary's territory with no reprecussion. Chrissie hurries to the park to meet Rachel & Kisten, and when she reaches them (still on the bridge), Sean & his goons show up. Rachel suddenly realizes that on a bridge, over water, she has no access to ley line magic and she had no earth charms with her. They try to bluff their way off the bridge, but the vampires call the bluff and rush them. Audric jumps off the bridge and Rachel, Kisten, & Chrissie are forced to fight. One of the vampires throws Rachel off the bridge so that she is partially on the shore, so she pulls herself up and taps a line. When the vampires realize their mistake, Rachel pulls on the line and prepares to do magic, but they slink away, unprepared to face a ley line witch. Then the I.S. shows up (meaning Piscary is aware of the situation) and Rachel, Kisten & Chrissie breath a sigh of relief, confident that the battle is won and Audric is safe.

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