In this short story, Algaliarept laments that his work has become dull and tedious, and he isn't enjoying capturing and enslaving new familiars the way he used to. When he feels a summons from Ceri , an elf woman who he not heard from in some time (and who has always been clever enough not to be caught), he jumps at the chance to take his prize once and for all. He changes into the form of an elegent gentleman with flowers, and speaks to Ceri as if he is courting her. Ceri is clearly emotional, and informs Al that she is to married soon, and so this is the last time she will call on him - she is only saying goodbye. Horrified at the prospect of losing his most precious prize, Al feigns a broken heart and plays on Ceri's feelings by saying that he loves her and that they could have been young and beautiful forever. Eventually his cruel lies work, and Ceri breaks her own circle to run into his arms, believing that he truly loves her and that they will be happy together. When Al reveals his true nature, her cries of anguish bring the wedding party and her husband-to-be, who immediately rush to stop him. At this point Al reminds Ceri that with him she will be young and beautiful forever, and perhaps still reeling from both the confession that she loved Al and Al's betrayal, she tells him to take her, as she is afraid to grow old. Al drags her into the Ever After, extremely pleased with himself at capturing a Dulciate (a prized surname) elf for his own familiar.

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