In this story, a pixie named Vincet comes to Jenks to hire him as a runner/investigator. Vincet has heard of Jenks' adventures as part of Vampiric Charms and he wants Jenks to find out what is causing a statue in his garden to possess and kill his children at midnight. With the help of the gargoyle Bis, Jenks investigates the twin, creepy statues and finds that one is somehow drawing a ley line through Vincet's children and burning them out. The statue has already killed one child and anxious to stop it from happening to another, Jenks & Bis stay to watch Vincet's daughter (possessed by the statue) run out with her father's sword and attack it. Jenks engages the spirit possessing her in conversation and finds out that it is actually a Dryad (creatures long thought to be extinct) who claims he was imprisoned in the stone by a crazed Nymph and that he has been possessing the pixie children to get them to break the statue. While they speak to the Dryad the Nymph shows up and threatens to kill them all if they free the Dryad, so Jenks and the others scatter to come back with a plan later. With the help of Jumoke (his son) and Bis, Jenks gathers several ingredients to make pixie explosives, and he talks Ivy into distracting the Nymph while he and Jumoke try to blow up the statue. However, while Ivy fights with the Nymph, she reveals she is not crazy, but rather a grief-stricken guardian hell-bent on preventing the dryad who murdered her sisters from escaping. When Jenks tries to stop Jumoke from lighting the statue's fuse, Vincet's possessed daughter steals it and lights it herself, causing the statue to explode, and the girl is freed from the dryad's possession. The dryad beats a hasty retreat through the ley line, where the nymph says she will never be able to find him. However, they all take comfort in the fact that they have saved the rest of Vincet's children, and decide they will deal with the dryad if he is foolish enough to cross pathes with them again. To repay Jenks' kindness, Vincet builds him a little outdoor pixie office from an old upturned flower pot.

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