Rachel wakes to something trying to possess her. After forcing it out of her with the lay line, causing th e church bells to ring, she find that it is newt, the demon she bought a trip through the lay line when she was trapped in the ever after. Newt is looking for something, but cannot remember what it is. Hearing the bells Ceri comes to to investigate. Terrified of Newt, Ceri sets three interlocking circle on sacred ground. Newt breaks the sanctity of the church and takes control of Ceri's outer circle, breaking it. Ceri tells Rachel that Newt is insane and has a demon familiar as a care taker, Manias, and the only way they will servive this is if they call him. Rachel must kindle the curse to talk to him, making a deal for the location of newt, protection from newt and manias in exchange for the smut of the curse. After Minias appear, Newt and he argue and we find that Newt caused her own memory loss by taking yu, a poisonous substance. Newt accuses Minias of writing down everything she wants to forget and Minias uses the yu to make her forget why she was angry.

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