In this short story, Mia Harbor meets a lover she has hidden from her husband Remus. Her lover (Tom - though not Tom Bansen) is ill, and Mia appears to regret the effect her presence has on him and insists that though she has just arrived, she must leave. Tom insists that he is strong enough and she agrees to stay for a little while. Mia relishes the love coming from Tom, as it fills the room and quenches her hunger in a way she cannot get from random passers by. Tom continues to talk to Mia, insisting there must be some way they can be together. Mia mentions that a vampire (Ivy Tamwood) gave her a wish, but she is not certain it will protect him if she uses it. Tom begs her to try, as he loves her dearly and wants to show her the full extent of his emotion. Mia appears to wish for his safety and then starts a passionate session of love making with Tom. During this act, Mia pushes energy back into Tom repeatedly, giving him short bursts of energy. However eventually it is all forced back out of him due to her banshee state, and Tom dies. Mia does not absorb the energy herself, but pulls out a bunch of banshee tears and allows them to soak up all the ambient emotion and the last remenants of Tom's life force. When they are full, she leaves, thinking quietly of her daughter Holly & how angry her husband (who she already used the wish on before the session with Tom) will be that he would now be late for work, and remarking sarcastically to herself that her husband has no right to complain, as he can't do the shopping (implying that she was playing Tom all along to get energy for Holly to devour).

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