Detective Mathew Glenn is a human and the adopted son of Captain Edden. He works at the Cincinnati FIB as their Inderlander relations division and often seeks help and advice from Rachel and her companions, as well as helping her in turn accomplish her goals. He is human, and originally feared tomatos like all other humans after the Turn. However when he was forced to eat real pizza at Piscary's he learned that he loved tomatos, and has had Rachel buy him ketchup, tomato sauce, cherry tomatos, and various other tomato items which he exchanges for ley line zip strips that make it easier for Rachel to tag a ley line witch if need be. He is one of only two Black characters in the series.


In the Main SeriesEdit

Almost all of Rachel's adventures in Cincinnati involve the FIB in some way after Dead Witch Walking because Rachel is unable to work with the I.S. Glenn's major contributions to Rachel's adventures are her first car, holding blackmail for her, and bringing her new cases through which she can solve big problems that the I.S. wants to cover up.

Dead Witch WalkingEdit

Does not appear.

The Good, The Bad, and the UndeadEdit

Detective Glenn picks up Rachel as she's fleeing some weres after retrieving the stolen fish. Chief Edden sent him because he was the only one Rachel couldn't bully.

Every Which Way But DeadEdit

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A Fistful of CharmsEdit

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For a Few Demons MoreEdit

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The Outlaw Demon WailsEdit

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White Witch, Black CurseEdit

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Black Magic SanctionEdit

Glenn begins a romance with Ivy that includes the sharing of blood, and takes in an unexplained woman named Daryl.

Pale DemonEdit

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A Perfect BloodEdit

During this book, Glenn in his role as an FIB officer repeatedly tries and fails to catch members of HAPA. When they finally do catch one, he escapes. The implication at the end of the book is that The Men Who Don't Belong have offered Glenn a job, as he moves away, taking Daryl the Nymph with him.

In the Novellas and Short StoriesEdit

Undead in the Garden of Good and EvilEdit

Glenn does not appear in this story.

Two Ghosts for Sister RachelEdit

Glenn does not appear in this story.

Dirty MagicEdit

Glenn does not appear in this story.

The Bridges of Eden ParkEdit

Glenn does not appear in this story.

The BespelledEdit

Glenn does not appear in this story.

Ley Line DrifterEdit

Glenn does not appear in this story.


Glenn is human, so he only possesses superior human strength & agility gained from training with the FIB. He is also skilled in armed combat and detective work.