Demons are a mischievous species from the ever-after and the sworn enemy of the elves. They are one of the most rightly feared Inderland species, ancient as both a society and as individuals. Until recently, it was believed that demons evolved in the ever-after. Recent Interviews with an anonymous, questionable source claims that demons began in reality and were trapped in the ever-after by a misspoken curse when they tried to exile elves nearly six thousand years ago. A very powerful species, demons have an almost omnipotent ability to perform their own brand of "demon magic" that has the quickness and versatility of ley line magic and the deep strength of earth magic.

Highly political, demons enjoy wreaking havoc in reality's political system. Their own society is based on exchange of favors and magical corruption, colloquially called "smut." Demons do have souls, and contrary to popular belief, demons have a choice when accepting or declining a task, though they will pretend complete submission to better lull a summoner into making a crucial mistake.

As a species, demons are the boogeymen of both Inderland and human societies. As individuals, demons are described as nightmares brought to life and should be avoided.

Species Abilities Edit

  • Able to visually become anyone in seconds, often by drawing upon a person's fear and taking on the form of their greatest fear.
  • Can vanish and appear an inch or a continent away.
  • Average to above-average intelligence and enjoy playing with semantics to get the better of an arrangement.
  • Above-average strength and apparently unlimited ability to use magic to heal almost any injury instantaneously.

Species Vulnerabilities Edit

  • Has a distinctive, disagreeable odor of burnt tree sap stemming from the ever-after.
  • Physically unable to remain in reality after sunup.
  • Can be bound by summoning laws, and while not made harmless, can be survived.